Who is WildBill

Pic of me

Hi and thanks for visiting my page. My name is William Angus, everyone calls me Bill. My 2nd., wife Mary Ann and I are living the dream out in the boonies just north of Flippin, Arkansas, home of the world famous Ranger Bass Boats.

I started out as a child … Hmm …, No wait, maybe we shouldn’t start that far back.

I was born they tell me, in Oshawa, Ontario, that’s in Canada. I’ve now reached the ripe ole’ age of 68. Managed to make in through high school and first year of college. Everyone was way into sports and the rest, just out for a good time. Kind of a fashionista in them days. My buddies “razzed the s**t outta me,” for it. Wouldn’t be caught dead now in some of the outfits I wore. Long hair down my back, purple pants, black boots w/silver lightning bolt and 4 inch heels, or a silver (polyester) satin suit, just to name a few. Those were the days of flower power and disco …

Once upon a time, I was going to be an architect. But that didn’t pan out cause I had a life and wasn’t about to spend 7 or 8 years in school. Spent the first 3 years as a draftsman for a neon sign company right after I called it quits with college. Left the sign company cause there was no future in it unless somebody died.

Got into the sales game in the mid 70’s. Working on the road peddling health care plans to companies. That lasted a year or two until my boss got pissed at me cause I was 25, still living at home, driving a 1975 Corvette, and no bills to pay. He on the other hand, had a wife, an ex-wife w/alimony, 4 children, and a mortgage to pay. His parting words to me were “It’s time you came down off your high-horse and and be like the rest of us.” ToId him to “go get ‘eff..ed'” and walked out.

Kicked around for a bit and picked up some part-time work doin’ the disco thing as a DJ. You know, Saturday Night Fever, The Bee-Gee’s, Donna Summer, disco mirror balls, the whole nine yards. Went wife-stealing, (one of the waitresses) and I won. Year and a half later she went back to him, but that’s another story.

Got into retail in the late 70’s for a menswear company. Started in as a stockboy and was store manager within 6 months. They moved me around from store to store almost every year. Worked in Scarborough, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, and finally Timmins in the space of 4 years. We parted company when I started to think for myself and didn’t follow there directives to the letter. They wanted the department set up a particular way caused the setup worked in Southern Ontario so it should also work in Timmins. I told them “Well, it won’t work here,” and explained why. The end was short and sweet. “That’s it! Your gone, History, Get Out!!”

The company dumped me in Timmins when we parted ways. It was my problem how to get back to Toronto. By then, I had an apartment full of treasures that couldn’t be left. Rented a truck and headed south.

Kicked back for some months. Now it’s 1984. Not many employment prospects on the horizon. More on the spur of the moment then anything else. On a whim and a prayer really. May 15th. of 84, came to a decision that would change the course of my life. Decided to head west just to see where it would take me. With not much more then a hundred bucks to my name and my trusty thumb. I hitched west. By the 24th., I was sitting in Calgary, Alberta with most of my nest egg still intact.

It was a rough time when first got to Calgary. I’d pick day work standing down on the corner with all the other homeless people. In the evenings you’d eat most of what you made that day just to have enough strength to go back and do the same thing all over again the next day. The nights were the hardest part. Trying to find a place to sleep. The park wasn’t safe, too many weirdo’s. If you were lucky, you could get an hour or two shut eye in a darkened doorway on a side street. It sure was no picnic back then. No home, no job to speak of, no money, not a bright future.